Leftist: civil disobedience is for protesting illegal immigration, not abortion

Border Wall Illegal Immigrant border

A Progressive makes the illogical argument that civil disobedience is good in the cause of illegal immigration, but bad in the cause of abortion.

A good rule of thumb is that you should never trust a Leftist who makes an argument under the morality banner. That’s certainly the case with Jay Michaelson who claims to be a “rabbi . . . and Jew” — which, if you think about it, is an oddly redundant pairing, given that one would think that the former would presuppose the latter. I mention that peculiar pairing because it foreshadows Michaelson’s subsequent “moral” argument, which is either very devious or very stupid.

Michaelson’s contention is that the only moral position “a rabbi, journalist, and Jew” can take in today’s world is to defy federal law on immigration. As a predicate to appreciating how dreadful is argument is going to be, please recall that, despite owning Congress and the White House during the first two years of Obama’s presidency, Progressives never managed to take the obvious “moral” step of doing away with America’s southern border and just letting everyone in.

Of course, Michaelson has nothing to say about Progressive passivity six to eight years ago when the Left truly had the power to change America’s immigration dynamic. Instead, he offers this argument to justify what he would have us believe is a “principled” resistance to an “unjust” law:

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