Are progressives Communists winning the culture war?

For decades, the country’s Communist ruling class have tried to shame Americans into silence via mockery, insulting, fake news, race baiting, levying allegations of homophobia, Islamophobia, misogyny, you name it.

Until late evening of November 8, 2016, the Communist ruling class were confident that they had the future of the Republic in the bag as they impatiently awaited the coup d’état, i.e., Hillary Clinton’s victory speech (forgive the metaphor).

Sixteen months later to the date of losing to the will of the voters, Commie globalists are doubling down.  Their latest effort is to steal our guns while at the same time in collaboration with the Communist media complex manipulating the minds of useful idiots into believing that progressives correction COMMUNISTS (call them by their name, even budding bad actors activists) are winning the culture war.

And so the question remains, “Are COMMUNISTS winning the culture war?”


Mar. 04, 2018 – 5:16 – Columnist claims attacks on the NRA are not really about guns or school safety; the talk radio panel sounds off about this issue on ‘Fox & Friends.’

Let us not get it twisted, what Communists are good at is spin. Americans remain mindful that these are the same ideologues who told us for two years running that Donald J. Trump would never become president.

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