The Proper Use Of Rhetorical Nuclear Weapons

By: Mike McDaniel    Upheaval on the campus, marches for this, that and something else. Rioting in the streets. Congress critters swear to do everything they can to prevent the President from being president, and protest his cabinet and Supreme court nominees before they know their names. Cries of “resist!” and “Trump’s a racist! and Trump’s a Nazi!” and that’s just from reporters at news conferences. Is this the new normal? Are we destined to spend the next four to eight years, perhaps any year in which there is a Republican majority, inconvenienced and annoyed by very vocal, perpetually outraged progressive pajama boys and testosterone-laden girls? The Washington Post, and others, love that narrative, and they’re determined, in the finest social justice fashion, to keep it alive, as Scott Johnson at Powerline reports: 

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