Puerto Rico: Castro aided and abetted 1983 Wells Fargo robbery

Cuban dictator Fidel Castro allegedly financed and supported the costliest cash robbery in U.S. history, the 1983 theft of $7 million from a Wells Fargo depot in West Hartford.

Edmund Mahony reports,
Castro Had Secret Role In Infamous Wells Fargo Robbery

Weeks before the robbery, Masetti said, he delivered $50,000 to the Macheteros on orders from his superiors in Castro’s Department of the Americas, the Cuban agency created to support revolutionary movements. The money was for the motor homes the Macheteros used to smuggle [Víctor] Gerena and the $7 million into Mexico. Masetti said he was waiting at the border and helped disguise Gerena, gave him a Cuban passport and arranged his flight from Mexico City to Havana.

Masetti said the Cuban government also provided the Macheteros with radio equipment and advice about narcotics that could be used to incapacitate guards. Afterward, Cuba kept about half the stolen money, according to conversations the FBI later intercepted among members of Los Macheteros.

Fidel, who wore two Rolexes at a time, had fostered the Puerto Rican Macheteros,

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