A Question to all the famous folks accusing President Trump of “removing protections” from Tans-Kids

First the story

Katy Perry, Josh Groban, inauguration performer Jackie Evancho, Lance Bass and other celebs took to Twitter on Wednesday (Feb. 22) to speak out against Pres. Trump’s action to roll back bathroom protections for transgender students. The controversial move revoked the landmark guidance issued to public schools by the Obama administration that allowed transgender students to use bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity.

Protections? From what? To say the president removed protections indicates that somehow now students who “identify” as the opposite sex are in danger if they use the bathroom that matches their actual gender. Sorry, but this is nothing more than baseless hyperbole and emotionalistic babble frankly. I mean are we to believe that a boy using a stall in the girls bathroom is safer than he is using one on the boys bathroom? Apparently, that boy needs “protection” from something, what is that something? Are his feelings being protected? If so then who is protecting the feelings of school girls who are made uneasy by a male in their restroom? Are their feelings no longer of any import? Apparently not. Here are some “thoughts” by some celebrities

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