Question: Why is a Progressive woman so afraid of Donald Trump?

Progressive Woman

I read an interesting exchange on Facebook involving a Progressive woman who is terrified of Trump. The conversation started with a challenge to way in which women living under sharia law are brutally abused. While acknowledging this abuse in faraway places, the woman insisted that those were cultural issues and that here, at home, the real threat to women is Donald Trump. Think about that: she believes that Donald Trump’s presidency is worse for women than sharia law.

Since this involved a conversation between women I know here in my real-world, and was audited by other people I also know, I was disinclined to dig deeper into one Progressive Woman’s statement that Donald Trump is an existential threat to American women. Still, I could not get that statement out of my head: “I believe Donald Trump is a threat to American women.”

Working without that woman’s guidance, and relying instead on what women are saying in the media (new and old), I was able to come up with a few ideas that might explain her fear. Of course, each of those fears can immediately be exposed either as straw men arguments or as morally indefensible positions:

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