Quote of the day 040110

From VDH (via memeorandum):

So here we are back at the beginning — the Nobel Laureate is a continuance of George Bush on the war against terror; he has sized up both his domestic and foreign supporters and understood that their former outrage was not principled but largely emotional, driven by short-term political considerations, and thus centered on the caricature of a white, male, Christian, Texan cowboy, conjuring up all the easy tropes of anti-Americanism. Obama, to his credit, figured out that the Western world wanted to be kept safe, and that Bush had figured out how to do that, and that his own messianic presence could square that circle by being the un-Bush Bush. And so far such dissimulation has worked — even on the Right, which is in a quandary over whether to thank Obama for continuing a successful policy or be furious at him both for the prior damage his opportunistic and insincere jeremiads did to Bush and for his present inability to give any credit to his predecessor for protocols that he inherited and embraced. All that is weighed against the far more important fact we are safer because, despite the PC rhetoric, Obama became Bush in matters of anti-terrorism.

Yes, I know it’s been observed before, such as by Council Member, Wolf Howling, (from whom the image above was ripped off) but it bears repeating. Often.