The Real Importance Of The Alabama Election

While I’m not pleased with the result of the Alabama election, I admit to being amused at all the furor and fuss it is causing. Especially since I know that if it had gone the other way,the usual suspects would be downplaying it as ‘Well Alabama, buncha rednecks, y’know? No big deal.’

Actually,the  Alabama Election is a big deal, but not because Roy Moore lost by 21,000 votes. That is actually less than the total of the write in votes, thanks to a Democrat financed ‘Republican’ who came in at the last minute. To win the election by a hair ,the Left had to spend millions of dollars more than campaigns generally cost in Alabama and go all out to gin up black turnout. Given the number of Democrat senate seats up for grabs in states Trump won and the demographics, they won’t be able to repeat that performance in a lot of the coming midterms.

It’s especially costly seeing as Doug Jones won’t be seated until 2018 and will have to run for re-election in a Red trump state in November of the same year.

The Democrats are delusional to get into a frenzy over this one. And Republicans are just as dumb thinking this is the beginning of the end. In every war, battles are fought and you don’t necessarily win all of them. This was one of them, simple as that.

But the real big deal in Alabama, the reason it was important is because it marked the success of a new spin on an old tactic of the left, demonization. Roy Moore was primarily defeated because of unproven allegations of sexual harassment 40 years ago megaphoned and broadcasted by the Democrat’s trained seals in the media.

While the mistreatment of women or others in the workplace is a definite and legitimate concern, what we’re seeing now is a successful perversion and weaponization of this for partisan political purposes.

In the current climate and given the bias of most of the media, when one of these allegations is made, the women are believed, and the accused men aren’t. The presumption of innocence central to both our justice system and our moral code is thrown away. The men involved are forced into the impossible position of having to prove a negative, and the accusers aren’t called on to prove anything at all.

Now that this tactic worked so well in Alabama, count on the Left to use it where ever possible. Rest assured that even as I write this, targets are being picked and strategies planned to use this again and again.

If a male conservative/Republican political candidate has ever looked at a girl the wrong way or kissed someone on a date when she didn’t exactly want that to happen even as a teenager, he will be painted as a sexual predator, no matter how moral his conduct has been in the decades since then. The Left will unearth all kinds of #metoo women to pile on with even more bogus accusations. And why not? The women are always to be believed even if they have no proof and the men always to be found guilty as charged no matter what.

Even men who haven’t done anything in terms of harassing mistreating or abusing a woman will still be accused of doing just that, because the Roy Moore campaign showed the Left that this can work.

The moral argument against bearing false witness and destroying an innocent man’s character means nothing to these people. Remember how former Democrat Majority leader Harry Reid accused 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in print and on TV repeatedly of cheating of his taxes? Eventually, after the campaign was over,  those accusations were proven to be false and Reid retired, he was asked if he regretted what he had done, and his reply is classic:

“Why? It worked didn’t it? He lost.”

Rest assured that the same mind set will assure that bogus sexual abuse accusations be unleashed time and again by the Left to try and win elections. And as this becomes more commonplace, after a while, it’s likely that as this gets overused, as any successful tactic does, fewer and fewer women who really have been harassed and molested are going to be believed. That in itself is shameful.

Another negative effect of this political weaponization is that that the relationships between men and women is going to be increasingly soured, charged with animosity, over-caution and estrangement. Women still expect men to take the initiative in asking them out and starting relationships, but this new climate that’s being created makes it far riskier for men to do that and gives women with any sort of grudge against a man a powerful weapon to use against him, no matter what he did or didn’t do.

The end result if this continues will be a lot of bitter, lonely women in their late thirties,many of who are in that position through no fault of their own and wondering where all the good men are.

We’re already beginning to see that happen.

Rob Miller







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