The Recount and Other Crazy Progressive Ideas About the Election

When my mother died, I inherited a family friend who is very old, very lonely, and quite sweet. He is also a hard-core, unrepentant Leftist, who found the election shattering and is placing all his faith in the recount. Rather than picking a fight with a frail nonagenarian, I suggested that, as we can’t change what’s happening, we may as well sit back and enjoy the show. This round-up is about the marvelous spectacle of Leftist meltdown, which sees them swinging wildly between recount euphoria, anger and recriminations, and pink-hatted foolishness.

Is Hillary painting a target on her back? Many conservatives, myself included, were chagrined when Donald Trump intimated that he was willing to let Hillary’s illegalities go in the spirit of moving on from the election. As far as I could tell, the Progressives would spit on this gesture — as they would on anything from Trump — rather than seeing it as a peace offering.  Also, to the extent it’s manifest that Hillary committed real crimes, any investigation and indictment would not be about politics but about ensuring that the rule of law still means something in America. Nevertheless, Trump tried for the olive branch . . .

. . . And Hillary seems to be doing her darndest to ensure that she really does spend her last years in a jail cell. At least that’s what Roger L. Simon thinks:

Hillary has everything to lose.  I mean everything. And almost nothing to gain, considering the nearly insurmountable odds of the election being overturned. Three states are in play with voting differentials ranging from just over ten thousand to over seventy thousand.  She would have to win all three.  Al Gore couldn’t win one when the differential was a measly 572 votes.


But, astoundingly, after receiving what many are calling a “Get Out of Jail Free” card, Clinton joined forces with Stein in her crusade. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dopier, more self-destructive example of “poking the lion,” especially since there are so many areas in which she could be liable from a mere obstruction of justice charge on to a full RICO investigation the could literally implicate dozens of members of her already-reeling political party.

Hillary has never struck me as being even half as smart as she and her followers think she is. Instead, she is the perfect combination of a mundane mind, a narrowly programmed fund of knowledge, and hubris.

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