Republicans, it’s time to “Lock your shields. Stay locked”

Today's word: Testudo

Fans of the film Gladiator can’t forget the arena scene of the reenactment of the Scypio Africanus vs. Hannibal battle. Maximus, a former general played by Russell Crowe, turned what was supposed to be a sure defeat into a victory by using a traditional Roman army defense: the Testudo, or Tortoise

The soldiers in front and sides interlocked their shields. The soldiers in the back lines placed their shields over their heads to form a protective “shell” over top of the men.
. . .
The shields fitted so closely together that they formed one unbroken surface without any gaps between them. It has been said that it was so strong a formation that men could walk upon them, and even horses and chariots be driven over them.

Here’s the arena scene: starting at 3:32, when Russell Crowe says, “Lock your shields. Stay locked.”

The Democrats and their media minions, in case you haven’t noticed, are in full Spartan phalanx mode, attacking the Trump administration with every spear, pike and sarissa in their arsenal, since they will not, I repeat, will not rest until they are back in power no matter the cost.

Never mind that All This Impeachment Talk Is Pure Trump Derangement Syndrome; the Dems will impeach if that’s what it takes. They have been telling us for well over a yearRemember that the standard Leftist playbook is that the veracity of the allegation is not important: it’s the seriousness of the charge.

The nomination of a Special Counsel for the criminal investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election may or may not be a step towards impeachment.

Undoubtedly, many Dems are hoping it is.

The immediate effect of this Special Counsel is double-pronged: It weakens the Trump administration, and it makes the White House legal counsel appear powerless, especially since Mr. Rosenstein apparently dropped the news without forewarning.

We’re in full Testudo vs phalanx mode, folks.

First and foremost, Pres. Trump needs to STOP TALKING. He can do it – think of the press conference with Peña Nieto in Mexico. He walked in and was pitch-perfect.

The White House staff must focus its message and drive it through as many outlets as they can find, including Pres. Trump’s own Twitter feed, as the news cycle will be dominated by all sorts of Special Counsel scuttlebutt.

The Republican legislators must, at this point, legislate all the Republican agenda items that got them elected, especially tax reform. Our country needs growth now.

Form the Testudo, guys. Get your act together.

The battle’s on.

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