July 20, 2018

Roundup; Debate Reactions The Morning After

The media are doing their very best to spin last night’s debate, even cooking the polls. But anyone who watched the debate knows that Donald Trump won a stunning and unexpected victory.

The nearest thing I can compare this to is Richard Nixon’s famous Checkers speech, when he ran as Eisenhower’s running mate in 1952. It involved the press, who hated Nixon with a passion, busting Nixon for a so-called ‘slush fund’ set up by his supporters to cover certain expenses. Lots of politicians then and now have exactly the same setup(today, they’re called ‘leadership PACs’). Nixon’s was fairly modest and innocuous, but because it was Nixon, the press went nuts, Eisenhower pretty much left Nixon twisting in the wind and it was fully expected that Nixon’s political life was over and he would be forced off the ticket.

Instead, Nixon went on national TV, leveled with the American people and made his case directly to them. The perception of Richard Nixon – and the polls – changed virtually over night, and all of a sudden there was Ike Eisenhower talking about how proud he was of his running mate and how glad he was to have him.

Don’t expect the media polls to reflect this, but things have changed for Trump overnight as well. here are a few snippets and reactions…

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