Satirizing Self-Satire

Ulrich Baer (R) credit: youtube
Ulrich Baer (R)
credit: youtube

By: Mike McDaniel    As I tell my students when we’re dealing with common literary terms, satire is a form of comedy where one makes fun of individuals or institutions by exaggeration, or by telling the whole truth about them. I suppose I should update the definition a bit, because some people and institutions have traveled so far to the Left, they have essentially placed themselves beyond satire. Exaggeration is no longer possible, and telling the truth inevitably forces readers to think I’m quoting The Onion. One of the best examples of this phenomena is the New York Times, and a recent editorial titled What Liberal Snowflakes Get Right About Free Speech. It’s author is one Ulrich Baer, and it will surprise no one, I suspect, to learn he is a Vice Provost of New York University. I’ll use only a portion of his editorial, which, in the finest sense of absolutely un-self-conscious satire, speaks for itself:

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