August 20, 2017

The Second 2016 Debate: Trumped!


By: Mike McDaniel   The second presidential debate of 2016 took place at Washington University in St. Louis, and was moderated by CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Martha Raddatz. If there is any argument among future historians about the reality of progressive media bias, this debate will be cited as the event where the media unashamedly, conclusively revealed its true colors. Both moderators, but particularly Raddatz, constantly interrupted Trump, stopped him the second his two minute answer periods were up, framed questions to help Hillary, and gave her every opportunity to rebut Trump, but did not extend the same courtesy to him. If she were paying them, they could not have been more effectively in her pocket.

Cooper and Raddatz routinely allowed Clinton to run overtime, as much as a minute and more (their response allocation was two minutes), and their few attempts to stop her were very gentle and often dropped. Raddatz was very loud and aggressive, and obviously angry at points, even angrily arguing with Trump on Hillary’s behalf. It was impossible to tell if her microphone volume was too loud, but her tone was unmistakably harsh and even rude. Cooper and Raddatz did ask a few relatively tough questions of Clinton, but in their rambling formulation, usually gave her several outs and softened the implications with qualifications.

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