Sessions Confirmed As Nasty Fauxahontas Fails In Bogus Race Card Attempt

Senator Jeff Sessions was confirmed as Attorney General, but not before Fauxahontas, prog-fascist heroine and the senior senator from Massachusetts made a particularly nasty attempt at impugning the reputation of a far more honest and accomplished human being than she’ll ever be capable of becoming.

What she attempted to do was to play the race card to brand Senator Sessions as a racist, and then to throw a fit when she was reminded that it was against senate rules:

How charming to quote Senator Ted Kennedy as a moral arbitrator, the man who left a woman die slowly in a car he crashed and then colluded with the authorities, using his name, position and influence to hide his part in it? The man who invented ‘Borking,’ the sport of demonizing and slandering public officials nominated for public office and up for Senate confirmation? The man who could justifiably have been prosecuted for treason because of his private approach to the Soviet Union offering to help them destroy the Reagan presidency?

And how amusing to hear the senator who was employed by Harvard based on lies about her native American heritage and who actually voted to confirm corrupt racist hacks like Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch talk about racism!

I’m hardly surprised to find that the late Senator Kennedy is Elizabeth Warren’s idea of a hero, role model and moral arbiter.

And Coretta Scott King? She had a right to her opinion, although there’s zero evidence that the judge who broke the KKK in his home state of Alabama is a racist. The late Mrs. King’s heavy involvement with the Democrat Party when she wrote that letter in 1986 might just have had something to do with her sentiments. In any event, this cynical use of that letter without a scrap of proof is a classic example of the sort of McCarthyism happily use whenever they can while squealing like pigs in a slaughterhouse whenever they feel they can get away with accusing others of it.

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Of course, someone with more honesty might have chosen to read this letter to the Senate, from someone who actually was directly involved in some of Judge Session’s ‘racism’ Mrs. King mentioned in her letter, someone who had personal reasons to bear a grudge.

But this wasn’t about giving Jeff Sessions an honest appraisal.

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