Shorting Obama

Last night Barack Obama promised the world that he is the answer, the savior to all the ills that he inherited under the treacherous rule of George W. Bush. The mainstream media, as expected from a sycophantic bunch of moronic groupies, neck bobbed in orgasmic approval for the sake of acceptance by the other idiots at the Daily Kos and the Huffington Post. The historic speech by Barack Obama was a win for Democrats and a loss for the American people.

As expected the market took a dive in response. Despite the cheerleaders in the media, investors that have to make very real decisions based on very real events told the media to stuff it. As of this writing the Nasdaq is down 25 and the Dow dropped another 2%.

Even the gullible dimwits at the New York Times acknowledged something we know here in weasel watching land:

“Everybody was trading on emotion there, positive news, something to look forward to,” said Dan Faretta, senior market strategist at Lind-Waldock. “Today we’re giving back the gains. I think everyone’s coming back to reality.”

No duh. I nearly hurled every time BHO and the cheerleader Pelosi whipped out the pom poms of back slapping applause. Obama may give a good speech but speeches don’t solve problems.

I saw a great message scrawled on the back of a truck going down the highway yesterday, “Live with Your Vote”. Sadly we have to live with their vote.

Speaking of losers and weasels, the council has submitted another great round of articles that exposes the weasels of the world. Enjoy!

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