So Many Weasels

This is a hard article to post. Not because of the winners but because the WoW selections tend to cluster around the week’s primary topics of discussion but are not spread out in the breadth of this week’s selections. The top winners cover two completely unrelated topics.

The winning council submission comes to us from Johuapundit that discusses the War on Terror from the perspective of the Mumbai massacre. The post’s primary focal point is the lack of outrage from the Muslim community over Islamic radicalism, leading JP to believe that the silence is nearly tacit approval; a point on which I couldn’t agree more. JP then discusses the lackadaisical approach taken by elitists in the West and what must be done to defeat this evil in its tracks.

On the non-council side is an American Thinker article that deals with the growing discrimination against the Mormon community by opponents of California’s Prop 8. Noting that Mormons were a minority group that is being unfairly targeted, especially considering the efforts by Blacks and Latinos that put the passage over the top, Cornell Professor William A. Jacobson says it is time to speak out against the attacks on Mormons. I also direct you to Jacobson’s Law blog that discusses how lawyers should respect free speech regardless of their views toward agreeing with the speech’s content.

Finally note that the Weasel media continues to cover for Barack Obama with respect to meeting with disgraced Illinois Governor Rod Blagovich. Google has cleansed it’s cache of a KHQA TV article that reported a meeting between the two as fact. The TV station removed the hard copy but not before bloggers grabbed copies and posted them on their sites. Also, it is reported that Jesse Jackson Jr., aka Senator Number 5, held a fundraiser for Blago on the same day that an FBI wiretap captured the Governor boasting about support for buying the seat from Jackson.

So many weasels. Enjoy.

Winning Council Submissions

Winning Non-Council Submissions

  • First place with 2 1/3 points! – It’s time to speak out against the Mormon boycott American Thinker
  • Second place with 1 2/3 points – The Elite as a Tribe Zenpundit
  • Third place with 1 1/3 point – (T*) – Bad Time For Lovers Rants And Raves
  • Third place with 1 1/3 point – (T*) – Mumbai Style Attack in the US: A Skeptical Analysis Terror Wonk
  • Fourth place with 1 point – (T*) – Pearl Harbor Day – The USS Oklahoma Okie On The Lam
  • Fourth place with 1 point – (T*) – Obama’s Muslim Speech Commentary’s Contentions
  • Fifth place with 2/3 point – (T*) – Unspeakable Acts, But We Must Speak Out Kesher Talk
  • Fifth place with 2/3 point – (T*) – Busted Thoughts of a Regular Guy

T* – Denotes Tie