Socialism: the Real Unaffordable Healthcare Plan

Credit: Zero Hedge.

When an entitlement is not as defined by bureaucrats who raided, redistributed and squandered away funds paid into Social Security and Medicare by those who paid into these programs for 4+ decades.

It is our money yet we should feel guilty for expecting our money not squandered on and redistributed to those who never worked a day in their lives yet believe that they are “entitled” to “other people’s money.”

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Long before Obamacare, was Medicare, which the government/health insurance companies eagerly force on you at retirement. You can’t even use a separate plan after 65, unless working. So that’s the first insurance mandate… Didn’t see that go to the Supreme Court.

Bob Montgomery wrote a short, but excellent simple synopsis regarding Medicare: “Obamacare, Trumpcare, Medicare, and “We, the Entitled”

Good luck finding a doctor who takes Medicare (let alone Medicaid) these days. And the treatment you get with a Medicare plan is rationed, along with almost rude behavior as if we’re wastrels living on the government dole. Yet we’ve been paying insurance premiums for decades, without ever using that Medicare benefit until after age 65 (or earlier retirement).

It’s similar to the way they talk about Social Security – as an “entitlement” program. We’ve paid for decades into SS, it’s not a freebie entitlement – we paid into it, we earned it[…]

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