Some advice is timeless

One such bit of advice? How NOT to get your arse shot by police!  Bob Owens shares some tips Here is a snippet, but please go read them all

Don’t threaten or attack law enforcement officers

You would think that relatively self-evident, but a stunning number of people escalate the situation by verbally or physically threatening officers, and a stunning number of people go beyond mere threats to actual physical violence against an officer.

Again, this is only going to make the situation worse.

Odds are that you aren’t going to get away, that criminal charges against you that are going to haunt you the rest of your life are going to start stacking up, and if the officer thinks that you’re a credible threat of overpowering him or her and taking your weapon, that officer has every legal right to shoot you, even if you are technically “unarmed” and haven’t yet gained control of the officer’s weapon.

Don’t believe me?  Ask Mike Brown. Attempting to take Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson’s gun is what got shot him the first time in the officers marked police SUV, and it got him killed when he decided he was going to charge in a second time.