Sweden’s Clueless Government Puzzled Over ‘Rise In Islamic Extremism’

Sweden’s clueless government is puzzled as to what could possibly be behind sharply rising Islamic ‘extremism’ in their country.

As the AP reported, Sweden’s security service SAPO says the number of people in Sweden with extremist views has grown to several thousands,” mainly among people with sympathies for radical Islam.”

(Remember, if you’re unhappy about a once peaceful country being overrun by third world migrants with violent tendencies and the accompanying high crime rate and say so openly, SWAPO considers you an ‘extremist’)

SWAPO’ss head, Anders Thornberg, says “we have never seen anything like it” and blames propaganda from ISIS for the increase.

Of course, it couldn’t be that just as ISIS said, they infiltrated the ‘refugee’ population, now could it?

He says the figure was in the hundreds a few years ago. Since he admitted that the figure was 2,000 five years ago, that ‘hundreds’ figure must have come from when Sweden was just starting to import Muslim migrants enmasse to their country.

Thornberg told Sweden’s news agency TT Friday that SAPO gets about 6,000 pieces of intelligence every month. Of course,he didn’t go into specifics. Why, the man has a job and a pension to protect!

The last major jihad attack in Sweden happened April 7,2017 when the jihadi driver of stolen truck killed five pedestrians and injured 14 in central Stockholm. But there have been plenty of smaller incidents the media does its best to keep under the radar.

Just this last week, Swedish police in the city of Trollhattan were attacked by up to a hundred masked migrant ‘youths’ armed with sticks and bats during a riot in the Kronogården suburb.

The migrant mob of ‘youths’ attacked the officers during the second night of rioting in the area. They also attacked the police cars, smashing windows and slashing the tires on two of them. According to the Swedish paper Aftonbladet only one man was arrested in connection with the riots.

Aside from the usual Ramadan activities, there are a number of reasons being given for the rioot. The spark point was when several ‘youths’ attempted to start a tire fire in the middle of the street and then attacked a security guard who tried to to put out the fire with rocks and bottles.

Peter Asp, the communications officer for the City of Trollhattan, said the riots were “power struggle for territory in the district” among rival gangs. Unlike Swedish media or the police, he was open about referring to the rioters as Somali migrants. Careful,Herr Asp!

One Swedish police official who went public, Peter Springare, said that migrants were committing a disproportionate amount of crime in his city, and that almost all of the serious criminal cases that came across his desk involved migrants. For that kind of honesty, he was investigated for “racial hatred”, although the charges were later dropped.

There was also an incident earlier in the week, when children were taken away from their parents by the local child protective services after an administrative court ruled that the parents of the children had physically and psychologically assaulted them. Female Genital Mutilation, perhaps? In Sweden, the practice is to keep quiet about such things.

Another things the Swedish government wants keep quiet is the growing number (and accompanying violence) of ‘no go’ areas in the country. A leaked report earlier this week showed that the number of no-go zones had increased by fifty percent in only two years.

While the report lists 23 official “vulnerable areas” some estimates are that there could be as many as 55 no-go zones in Sweden, predominately Muslim areas in Sweden’s cities. It depends on who’s counting. And why, of course. The Swedish government refers to areas as “areas the police have experienced difficulties fulfilling their duties.”

Here’s what happens when ‘infidels’  trespass into Dar Islam, in this case the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby:

Rapes and sexual assaults on Swedish women are increasingly common since Sweden began the wholesale importation of Muslim migrants, one of the largest importations per capita in Europe. In many Swedish cities, women with red or blonde hair have taken to dying it black and wearing head coverings to avoid harassment.

Rape and sexual assaults used to be rare in Sweden. But in a recent survey published by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, thirty-one percent of Swedish woman said they feel unsafe going out at night even in their own neighborhoods. That statistic is astounding for a country like Sweden, where such crimes were almost unknown before the migrants were imported wholesale.

One recent gang rape involving a Swedish woman and three Muslim migrants (one had Swedish citizenship) was streamed on the internet for over three hours via a private Facebook group. The woman’s ordeal finally ended when people reported the rape to the police and they stormed the apartment. The perpetrators actually had the nerve to claim the sex was consensual in spite of the clear evidence on the video and the woman’s condition when she was found by the police.  Yes, they  were prosecuted, but the sentence they were given was laughable…Reza Mohammed Ahmadi, 21, was jailed for two years and four months for rape and accessory to rape, while Maysam Afshar, 18, was sentenced to one year in prison for rape. Both are Afghanis living in Sweden.  Emil Khodagholi, a 21-year-old Swedish Muslim citizen, was jailed for six months for aggravated defamation for posting the rape on Facebook and failing to report it. Nothing at all was said about deporting the two Afghanis, and after they finish what will almost certainly be reduced sentences in Sweden’s boutique, comfortable prisons, they’ll be freed and out on the streets again.

Sweden’s train stations in certain areas have also become known as dangerous areas, particularly for women.

Is all of Sweden some kind of crime ridden hell hole? No. But every year, the toll of the enforced multiculturalism grows, more no go areas come into existence, crime becomes more endemic and the financial cost of supporting these ‘refugees’ gets higher and higher. Things are even at the point where native Swedes are being kicked out of their homes to make room for the increasing tide migrants.

The majority of these migrants come to Sweden precisely because of the generous social welfare benefits they’re entitled to. That includes subsidized food, housing, education, generous cash stipends, healthcare and a great number of other goodies. If you were living in say, Somalia, Eritrea or Libya, why wouldn’t you try to get to Sweden or Germany, where the living is free and easy? There’s a good reason the vast majority of these migrants remain on welfare.

What we have here is a country committing slow suicide, if the current trend continues.