Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement -If you didn’t believe on the “Deep State”, You should now

Not everyone is pleased with Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who let’s the AG have it during her opening statement. Watch the latest video at But the good judge was not done, she followed her monologue up with a discussion on Uranium One and Hillary Clinton with Tom Fitton of [Read More]


The End Of The Beginning – The New Crackdown On Illegal Migration

In spite of the usual obstructions by the usual suspects, the Trump administration is making significant progress on dealing with illegal migration in America. Both Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security chief General John Kelly are taking significant steps to correct a situation that should have been dealt with [Read More]

Donald Trump

Clinton’s Attorney General, Janet Reno’s 1993 letter firing 93 United States attorneys.

  The firing of 46 United States attorneys aka Obama holdovers by President Donald Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions has Progressive bureaucrats and their fake news propagandists in meltdown mode with many going so far as to imply (AGAIN) that the president is unfit to serve. Unfit to serve for [Read More]