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**Who** Is To Blame For All These Illegal Aliens? “Congress has made the decision that…they be allowed to apply for asylum….”

[ Illegal Aliens Exist By Imperial Decree Of Your Spineless, Evil-Bastard, money-grabbing, One-Party Congress. ]   Judge bars US from enforcing Trump asylum ban   19 Nov 2018, STORY BY AP BREITBART The Associated Press HOUSTON (AP) — A federal judge barred the Trump administration on Monday from refusing asylum [Read More]

Immigration Illegal Alien Children

Is Trump a Nazi monster for separating illegal alien children and parents?

Obama deliberately encouraged an influx of illegal alien children as a means of circumventing immigration law. Trump is merely reinstating the rule of law. I should have known that the weekend would explode into talk about Trump’s policies towards illegal aliens when I had an . . . ahem . [Read More]