Special Olympics

Busting the meme about Betsy DeVos “defunding” the Special Olympics

If the above link doesn’t work, here’s the same info: There were lots of memes outraged by this proposal to “eliminate all $18 million in funding for the Special Olympics” but they don’t provide much context. -The $18 million is not *all* Special Olympics funding, it’s just the portion that [Read More]

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Bookworm Beat 9/1/2018: the “things we see on Saturdays” edition

This is a hodge-podge about debased funerals, corrupt investigations, stupid Leftists, Hollywood hate, and other stuff to amuse and dismay the reader. Regarding the obsequies for McCain, it’s clear that the Wellstone funeral was a warm-up. I’d like to think that ordinary Americans, rather than being moved politically by demagoguery [Read More]

College students Betsy DeVos

[VIDEO] College students’ take on Betsy DeVos is an argument for raising voting age to 45

College students struggle to reconcile the Leftist myths about Betsy DeVos with the real woman’s deep commitment to educating America’s children. Hypeline News went to a college campus and asked several students what they thought of Betsy DeVos. Those who appear in the video are unanimous in their dislike and disdain [Read More]

Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos’s qualifications and Oakland’s Illegal Immigrants’ Fund

I exhausted my self with last night’s lengthy Bookworm Beat, but I have two points — one about Betsy DeVos’s qualifications to be Education Secretary and the other about Oakland’s fund for illegal immigrants — that I believe go a long way to summing up so much of what’s wrong [Read More]

Donald Trump

Trump And Cabinet: Uneducated

By: Mike McDaniel    As I noted recently in Progressivism: Non-Falsifiable, progressives consider themselves to be intellectually superior to just about everyone, but particularly the peasants living their meaningless, aimless little lives in flyover country. The mere fact they are intellectually superior means they are, ipso facto, morally superior as well. Obviously, those [Read More]