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Sen. Susan Collins, Joe Manchin Will Vote “Yes” on Kavanaugh

Just moments ago, Senator Susan Collins (R-ME)  during a 45 minute speech on the floor of the U. S. Senate announced her intention to vote “Yes” for Judge Brett Kavanaugh. One’s opinion of Susan Collins’ speech would, of course, depends on whether one is pro or anti Brett Kavanaugh. Starting with [Read More]

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KAVANAUGH Breaking: Dems May Possibly Have 115 Witnesses Who Might Have Seen Kavanaugh Possibly Rape and Maybe Kill Mother Theresa

KAVANAUGH BREAKING Now: Unnamed Democrat sources today revealed they might produce 115 witnesses who could possibly testify that Brett “The Chisel” Kavanaugh maybe raped and killed Mother Theresa during a wild India sex party. “There was much dancing and drinking of raw capulco that night,” stated one of the 115 [Read More]