BYU Antisemitism

Does BYU’s online high school gov class promote an antisemitic canard?

Am I overreacting to think that BYU’s online government class slipped in a gratuitous, classically antisemitic trope about Jews controlling foreign policy? I’ve written before about BYU’s online high school government class and, frankly, didn’t have much nice to say about it. It’s poorly written, poorly structured, and poorly informed. [Read More]

Leftist Insanity

The Bookworm Beat 8/31/17 — another “Leftist insanity” edition

There’s so much Leftist insanity that one Bookworm Beat wasn’t enough to contain it all. It takes two posts to grasp what’s really going on. The craven FBI refuses to stop Leftist insanity. Although the mainstream media is silent, the conservative media is appropriately outraged that James Comey had already decided [Read More]


Review: Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde (2017) Director: David Leitch Writers: Kurt Johnstad (screenplay), Antony Johnston and Sam Hart (graphic novel “The Coldest City”) Starring: Charlize Theron: Lorraine Broughton Sofia Boutella: Delphine Lasalle James McAvoy: David Percival John Goodman: Emmett Kurzfeld Toby Jones: Eric Gray James Faulkner: Chief “C” Sam Hargrave: James Gasciogne Atomic [Read More]