July 23, 2018
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Are progressives Communists winning the culture war?

March 4, 2018 Puma ByDesign 0

For decades, the country’s Communist ruling class have tried to shame Americans into silence via mockery, insulting, fake news, race baiting, levying allegations of homophobia, Islamophobia, misogyny, you name it. Until late evening of November 8, 2016, the Communist ruling class were confident that they had the future of the [Read More]

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Bookworm Beat 12/13/16/ — the Culture Wars edition

December 13, 2016 Bookworm 0

The Progressives’ resistance to Trump’s indubitable Electoral College victory is highlighting the culture wars that have riven America. They have spent the last eight years building an alternative American model: Slavery is still the dominant cultural marker; America’s law enforcement officers are on a binge spree of mass slaughtering blacks; [Read More]