Police, Private Eyes, and Democrat Lies.

DEMOCRAT LIES As an ex-private eye, with a 35-year career, I can say I’ve unavoidably been rousted by police hundreds of times. Sometimes at gunpoint. Actually, maybe a lot at gun point. But that’s okay. Nobody got shot. Because police are professionals, not TV gunslingers. See—we all use the same [Read More]



Why would Donald Trump expect car-chasing, tire-biting, mad-dog Democrats to accept his recent  “suggestions for a border security compromise deal?” The answer is he didn’t. Trump knew perfectly well that Nancy Pelosi and her raging Democrat True Believers would reject his proposals. So why did he bother? What Trump did, [Read More]


POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: First they came for confederate generals, then black conservatives.

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS The KKK…. Political Correctness…. “…Political correctness exploits the suffering, the history and the bodies of African-Americans to suppress other African-Americans. While it divides the country along racial lines, it also divides racial groups internally, putting its activists in charge of forcing African-Americans into conformity with the Left. Black [Read More]

Peter Finch as “Howard Beale,” in NETWORK, 1976, by MGM

The Dems Are Mad As Hell

The Dems are Mad as Hell This ARTICLE BY DAVID PRENTICE First Appeared In A few seconds of frustrated political rage in the 1976 movie Network drove the words “I’m mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” into our national collective consciousness.  Most Democrats seem to [Read More]


REPUBLICAN COWARDICE – Kavanaugh’s Lesson: Inform The American People

REPUBLICAN COWARDICE Kavanaugh’s Lesson: Inform the American People By Lloyd Marcus  THIS ARTICLE APPEARED FIRST IN AMERICANTHINKER.COM Brett Kavanaugh is now a justice on the Supreme Court — a tremendous victory for President Trump and America. Praise God! Last week, fake news media and the Democrats flooded the airwaves with [Read More]

Beloved President Obama, with his signature grin. A third term in the offing?

The Left’s Dark Turn

The Left’s Dark Turn By Jack Cashill, This Article Appeared First In In October 1991, future Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano ushered in a bold new era in American political history. At the time a Democratic activist and an attorney in private practice, Napolitano was, for no good [Read More]

Baseless Accuser, Ford - - JAF IMAGES

Democrat Lies — Those Lying Bastards

Democrat lies. Article By Jeffrey A. Friedberg Hey! Forcing responsible political writers to answer all, daily, democrat, bullshit lies  is like asking “Jack” to fight The Beanstalk but not the Giant. It seems all democrats can do is wave sex or sin at you—Attempting to distract and control you. I [Read More]

“THE TRUMP-OLUTION” - Original Photos Unknown - JAF IMAGES

Democrat Insanity. I Don’t Care If The Demented Democrat Liars Even Come Up With “Video Tape of Kavanaugh raping” Somebody 30 Years Ago

Democrat Insanity. I don’t care what new, Democrat insanity or lies the god-cursed, socialist, commie bastards come up with about Judge Brett Kavanaugh. It makes no difference to me. It doesn’t matter to me. ARTICLE BY JEFFREY A FRIEDBERG The Democrat ”leadership” and its enablers in the demented propoganda arm [Read More]