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SCOTUS Drops Hawaii’s Challenge to Trump’s Extreme Vetting EO.

The Supreme Court of the United States just hours ago dismissed Hawaii’s challenge to President Trump’s extreme vetting executive order remanding the case back to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for dismissal as the case is now moot due to the expiration of the 120-day pause which ends today. [Read More]

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Hawaii Lawyer Says Travel Ban Could Be Constitutional if Issued by Different President

How ridiculous is this? The executive order on extreme vetting would not be an issue and would in fact be Constitutional provided the executor of the order were anyone but President Donald J. Trump. RUSH TRANSCRIPT: way, which is what I wanted — >> Although statements, postelection statements, even the [Read More]

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Refugee Resettlement Biz: Sense of Entitlement – Social Justice Evangelicals, Church Leaders.

For those in the refugee resettlement industry, theirs is a sense of entitlement. Social justice evangelicals and church leaders across the United wrote a letter to President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence asking that the executive order implementing extreme vetting of individuals traveling from jihadist breeding nations and [Read More]

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Celebrities should get the facts then speak

Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda spoke out against Trump’s executive action on admitting refugees to the United States recently. And, as so often happens with celebrities, he did not bother to get a firm grasp on the matter first “I keep seeing ‘Immigrants, We Get The Job Done’ on placards at [Read More]


Your Marxist Moron of the Decade Nominee

Wow, Senator Chris  Murphy takes “what could possibly go wrong?“ to an entirely new level. I mean who needs any screening for possible terrorists Via Grabien: MEACHAM: “Senator, do you see any merit in the president’s action? What do you believe should be the security screening? What should be the vetting for [Read More]


NYC: 1000+ Yemeni-owned Grocery Stores to Close Thursday in Protest of Non-Existent Muslim Ban

You just can’t make this stuff up and while I’m on the subject, let this be a lesson, better yet a wakeup call, to my fellow New Yorkers. On Thursday from 12 noon to 8 p.m., somewhere between 500 and 1,000 Yemeni-owned grocery stores will close their doors tomorrow in [Read More]


To Spite Pres. Trump, Starbucks CEO Announces Plan to Hire 10,000 Refugees

In retribution to President Donald Trump’s executive order issued this past Friday that contains a moratorium of people entering the country from several jihadist breeding grounds in the Middle East, Starbucks CEO, Howard E. Schultz, a hard core Progressive announced “plans to hire 10,000 refugees.” Schultz in a statement on [Read More]

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CAIR, Marxist Puppets Triggered over President Trump’s Proposed Temp Muslim Ban

After having the lay of the land and the White House for the past eight years, donors and co-conspirators of jihadist organizations such as Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR) are furious over President Donald Trump’s coming executive orders to temporarily ban entry of Muslims into the United States from jihadist [Read More]