Will GOP Wilt If Educated Women Leave?

There is nothing that Progressives can say to guilt trip and shame women out of supporting Republicans or President Donald J. Trump. They need only to look within their own party to figure out why. Published on Nov 23, 2018 on YouTube by Bill Whittle College-educated women — offended by Trump, [Read More]

Ukraine Immigration Bookworm Beat Honduran Invasion Leftists Obama Brennan Insane Leftists Benghazi Kavanaugh Disgusting Democrats American Life

Bookworm Beat 10/5/2018 — the “Leftists don’t speak for this woman” edition

The Kavanaugh hearings have served a useful purpose in that they revealed the Leftists’ vicious and unbridled lust for power to all Normal Americans. I’m delighted that it looks as if the Republicans, with help from Manchin and no help from Murkowski, will be able to drag Kavanaugh across the [Read More]

D.L. Hughley
Social Issues

D.L. Hughley and the all-encompassing victim status that is Leftism

D.L. Hughley’s “humor” illustrates that today’s black rights and feminist movements are a form of Stockholm Syndrome rather than signs of true strength. D.L. Hughley is a well-known “woke” black comedian, which means he is considered to be on the cutting edge of modern social justice *ahem* comedy. (I added [Read More]

Ukraine Immigration Bookworm Beat Honduran Invasion Leftists Obama Brennan Insane Leftists Benghazi Kavanaugh Disgusting Democrats American Life

Bookworm Beat 9/7/2018 — the “won’t that boring Obama ever shut up” edition

This Bookworm Beat has as its starting points Obama’s self-aggrandizing, offensive speech. Then it gets to the fun and interesting stuff for you to enjoy. Obama as a sleeping aid. I visited my father’s best friend today. The two met in 1935. My father passed away more than twenty years ago, [Read More]


A New Feminism For The 21st Century

Tammy Bruce is one of my favorite political writers, and a person of rare common sense. Here she triumphs once again in an excellent video for Prager University, in which she outlines where feminism has triumphed, and where it has failed to the point of actually degrading what feminism once [Read More]

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Loony Feminist: What passes for art in Marin County

Feminist artist in Marin ditches Keats’s idea that “”Beauty is truth, truth beauty.” Instead, it’s all about anti-male political statements. The Marin newspaper ran a glowing profile about a Marin “artist.” I was less impressed. You can read it for yourself here. Alternatively, I’ve got the highlights below. The first [Read More]

Cassie Jaye The Red Pill War on Men
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The war on men: “What good are you if you won’t die for me?”

Understanding the Men’s Rights Movement hints that feminism’s war on men is a class-based issue tied to the relative safety of a middle-class man’s life. I have been watching a fascinating documentary called The Red Pill. The filmmaker is Cassie Jaye, a young woman whose previous documentaries were Progressive in [Read More]

Sex Slaves Feminism Women's Liberation Women's Rights
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The pathetic legacy of feminism’s Women’s Liberation Movement

The Women’s Liberation Movement failed true feminism by creating a generation of women who deem themselves unworthy of a defense against sexual bullies. We often talk about three waves of feminism, but I think there were actually three-and-a-half. The first two were necessary and appropriate; the next one-and-a-half were not. [Read More]

Hillary Clinton

Is the Sisterhood Choreographing the Harvey Weinstein Reflex?

Vassar Bushmills I heard this said at least 10 years ago, so it is not a recent Harvey Weinstein-reflex. “The greatest threat to mankind are women without men and men without balls.” Twice now in a quarter century feminists have attempted to parlay their own political hypocrisy into attempting to force men into a kind [Read More]

Hillary Clinton What Happened
Hillary Clinton

Mining “What Happened” for Hillary’s unintentionally humorous moments

There’s a lot of unintentional humor in What Happened, as Hillary Clinton cluelessly reveals that she is a foolish, deceitful, entitled, nasty woman. I’m still slogging my way through Hillary’s turgid tome, What Happened. The more one reads it, the more one realizes how accurate the joke about the cover [Read More]