Uranium One scandal
Hillary Clinton

Dueling headlines: Uranium One and Frederica Wilson

Perhaps the most shocking thing of all about the Uranium One corruption scandal is the drive-by media’s deliberate effort to hide the story from the public. The following headlines are only a slight exaggeration. I’ve used “The Hill,” which broke the Uranium One story, as a representative of those few [Read More]

Frederica Wilson

The Bookworm Beat 10/23/17 — the Frederica Wilson illustrated edition

Here’s a Frederica Wilson collection of illustrated commentary, along with a bunch of other wise and wonderful posters for the discerning conservative. The rest of these Frederica Wilson posters poke fun at her looks. I don’t usually poke fun at people’s looks, because it’s something over which they have limited [Read More]

Donald Trump

John Kelly blasts Frederica Wilson for eavesdropping on Trump’s call to Soldier’s widow & attacks.

This is a conversation that no one should be having. This is a conversation of which White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, who lost a son in combat had to address. Rep. Frederica Wilson should be ashamed, ASHAMED! Wilson had no right listening on such a private and sensitive [Read More]