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Leftism: Life and politics without humor

Leftists lack true humor, something a handful of leftists proved again today, both in trying to make jokes and in failing to understand them. Does it sound funny to say that leftism is without humor? After all, all the late-night hosts are leftists. Sarah Silverman is a leftist. Jon Stewart [Read More]

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Saturday’s Philosophical Humor

Normally, we deal with the tough questions. Today, in the spirit of good humor, we deal with unanswerable philosophies and impossible questions. How does a dragon blow out the candles on a birthday cake? If you fail your ethics exam because you resist the urge to cheat, are you entitled [Read More]

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Student Grammatical Train Wrecks, Final Edition

This is the third edition of student funnies for 2017: If the first two editions–available here and here–of my all-time favorite comic student writings weren’t enough, I present this, the final edition (for now). Kids love music, and after listening to and discussing several famous Christmas songs, including Mel Torme’s [Read More]

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Student Grammatical Train Wrecks

By: Mike McDaniel   My students, regularly, in their fierce struggles with the English language, say more, less, or something entirely different than they intended. It’s tempting to see these bite-sized bits of mirth as evidence of the supposed deterioration of education, but I’ve found that the worst students, particularly those [Read More]

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A Brief History of Politicians Body-Slamming Journalists: From Gianforte to John Adams (video)

Leave it to Reason Magazine (TV) to come up with this. Published on May 25, 2017 By ReasonTV In the twilight hours of a special election to replace Montana’s lone congressman, Republican hopeful Greg Gianforte reportedly “body slammed” and punched a Guardian reporter after the journalist tried to ferret out [Read More]


Comic Writings For 2016-2017

By: Mike McDaniel    I think it time I veer away from the political carnage and enjoy a laugh or two. Each year I post the inadvertently funny things my students write, and sometimes, say. I also throw in the occasional odd communication between staff members. Lest anyone think these [Read More]

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The Bookworm Beat 10/7/16 — the culture wars edition and open thread

The press is winning the culture wars. Even as more information emerges about Hillary’s criminality, her illness, her sharia-friendly aides, and her appalling record as Secretary of State, she’s still pulling ahead. Trump hasn’t done anything awful in the last few weeks because neither he nor Hillary shone in the debate. One [Read More]

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[VIDEO] Basic training is not what it used to be (NSFW — obscenities)

I have a friend who went to college on a ROTC scholarship and has been an active duty officer for the past thirty-three years. When we last spoke, he told me that, while the new generation of enlistees has great potential, basic training has changed substantially. I forget his exact [Read More]