Bookworm Beat 8/20/2018 — the Leftist double standards edition

Today’s tales of Lefty craziness have as a common denominator the double standards that infect every issue they touch, especially around Trump and Brennan. It’s only sexual assault when Trump muses about it hypothetically. I know you remember the Access Hollywood tape in which Trump said, with complete accuracy, that if [Read More]

Social Issues

If you want diversity among thought-leaders, look Right, not Left

A few photos show that, while the Left preaches racial and gender diversity, it’s actually conservatives who truly embrace it –and for the best reasons. The Left loves to hector conservatives for being white — white privilege, white supremacy, white hegemony, toxic whiteness, etc. They also like to claim that [Read More]


It’s the Hypocrisy, Stupid

By Victor Davis Hanson Some concerned Democrats are worried that their party may have lost the key blue-wall states because of its elitism, manifested as disdain for Americans between the coasts. Perhaps emblematic of their worry is the strange metamorphosis of Hillary Clinton’s two presidential campaigns. In 2008, as Bill [Read More]


Has Sen. Chuck Schumer’s Own Racist History Comes Back To Bite Him?

Democrat Minority leader Chuck Schumer has always been one to call Republicans ‘racist.’ He’s done it repeatedly to Donald Trump, tried to paste the label on the late Justice Alito and has promised to attack Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions,the judge who destroyed the Klu Klau Klan in Alabama as [Read More]


On taking a stand — when it’s a good thing to the Left and when it’s a bad thing

Cliven Bundy and his cohorts took a stand against the federal government for its land grabbing behavior in Nevada.  (The federal government controls 81% of Nevada land.) Bundy was and is extremely hostile to the Bureau of Land Management, which he sees as antithetical to state and individual rights under [Read More]