Leftist Jews, Leftist Judaism, And Too Much Of Each?

I’m a born Jew and I’m through being polite with leftist Jews, Judaism, liberals, progressives, and all the other, lying distractions of a PC language in free fall. At my advanced age, my final message is set in stone, and I have to call things the way I see them. [Read More]

The End Of The Jewish World….

THE END OF THE JEWISH WORLD…. This Article First Appeared In By Ron Jager  Rabbi Lord Jonathan Saks has stated that the ultimate basis of Jewish peoplehood throughout history has been “Kol Yisrael arevim zeh bazeh” – “All Jews are responsible for one another.”  We may not agree on anything, [Read More]

Leftist Insanity

The Bookworm Beat 8/31/17 — another “Leftist insanity” edition

There’s so much Leftist insanity that one Bookworm Beat wasn’t enough to contain it all. It takes two posts to grasp what’s really going on. The craven FBI refuses to stop Leftist insanity. Although the mainstream media is silent, the conservative media is appropriately outraged that James Comey had already decided [Read More]