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Bookworm Beat 12/20/18 — the border wall edition

I went overboard in this Bookworm Beat, covering the border wall, Syria, Antisemitism, Europe’s fall, science, Michelle and Melania, media bias, and much more. Good walls make good neighbors. Trump did it — he got the House to include $5 billion in the budget bill to build the border wall. [Read More]

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President Trump and the First Lady’s Message on Rosh Hashanah

President Donald J. Trump and the First Lady, Melania Trump released the following message today for Rosh Hashanah via the President’s twitter feed (@realDonaldTrump). THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 9, 2018 Presidential Message on Rosh Hashanah Melania and I wish all Jewish people [Read More]

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President Trump, First Lady Lead Moment of Silence, Partake in 9/11 Observance at Pentagon.

  TRANSCRIPT: The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release September 11, 2017 Remarks by President Trump at the 9/11 Memorial Observance The Pentagon Arlington, Virginia 9:49 A.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, General. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. I want to thank you, Secretary [Read More]

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I Cross My Hear…Er, Arms…

By: Mike McDaniel    Mrs. Manor and I were chatting over supper–our favorite Chinese buffet–this evening about the insanity of the left. Actually, we’re merely seeing, without any attempt at concealment, what they actually are. These are not tolerant, rational, and kindly people, but raving totalitarians. They do not believe [Read More]


Chelsea Handler proves how shallow and hypocritical the Left is

Priceless! Handler starts off saying this, which actually sounds reasonable “Divisiveness is not the answer,” she explained. “And I think to get that message, we have to reach across party lines, forget your party. I’m registering as an Independent. I’m not gonna be a Democrat anymore because it’s too divisive. This [Read More]

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The Trump Era: Beginnings

By: Mike McDaniel    Let us, gentle readers, in words and photographs, explore some of the contrasts with which we’re going to be bombarded in the coming years as the media and other fellow travelers do their best to attack Donald Trump, his family, and everyone associated with them. That includes us. That [Read More]

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Trump Administration Priorities…

By: Mike McDaniel    At a time when Democrats and the media–I know; I repeat myself–are doing everything they can to attack Donald and Melania Trump, here’s a bit of good-natured fun, for those old enough to remember Boris and Natasha… To read the rest, go here…