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Donald Trump

President Trump, NeverTrumpers, and keeping kosher

Regarding NeverTrumpers, are there two different kinds — the sleazy grifters and the genuinely principled people who cannot swallow the idea of Trump? The Torah (that is, the five books of Moses) imposes multiple life rules on Jews and how many of these rules a given Jew follows depends on [Read More]

Progressive Unanimity

Progressive unanimity and breaking stride

Progressive unanimity can seem enviable because of the strength it projects, but it can also lead the way to madness and systemic collapse. If you’re old enough, you can remember back to 1981 when the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kansas City suffered America’s deadliest, non-terrorist caused structural collapse, which killed [Read More]



Vassar Bushmills It was just the last spade of dirt. (Actually, RedState, the brand, isn’t dead, but I’ll discuss that last. There are other lessons to learn first.) Before #NeverTrump there was #NoRonPaulNoTime, #NeverPalin and #NeverHermanCain. In the end, the likely cause of RedState’s demise was hubris and bad manners sandwiched between [Read More]

Donald Trump

Those dangerous “holier than thou” #NeverTrumpers

Charles Krauthammer wrote a magnificent indictment of Hillary Clinton, only to finish up by saying, “I hate Trump too, so I’m sitting this one out.” What Dr. Krauthammer seems to have missed is that, in a world of binary choices, there is no sitting things out. If you don’t put [Read More]


#NeverTrumpers, please get off your moral high horse before you hurt America

In the past couple of weeks, two superb essays came out castigating conservatives who are going to do anything but vote for Donald Trump, whether that means voting for Hillary, Johnson (a closet Democrat who’s been Hillary’s echo chamber), or what’s his name the Mormon. For me, the bottom line [Read More]