Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore
Donald Trump

Will there be “shy” Trump supporters voting this coming November?

I have three reasons for thinking that conservatives will turn out at the polls and support Trump’s agenda this Fall, despite that alleged “Blue Wave.” The doom and gloomers, including the relentless NeverTrumpers, are saying that there’s a good chance that the Democrats will retake the House, because who doesn’t [Read More]

Media Bias

Illegal Alien Kids Crossing Border Enjoy Higher Standard of Living than 13M American Children in Poverty.

  Oh yes, the conversation that Progressives do not want to have.  When Progressives aren’t talking Russia, Russia, Russia or Stormy Daniels, they’re accusing President Trump of not having a heart when it comes to illegal alien children. Left out of this heated wave of propaganda is the plight of [Read More]

Leftist poop obsession
Pop culture

The leftist obsession with poop just keeps rolling along

The European artists who created a poop exhibit in Holland aren’t American Progressives but they’re consistent with the Leftist love of all things fecal. It was a mere two days ago that I did a post entitled A new entry in my ongoing Progressive Party of Poop Series. Then, just [Read More]

Trump's America
Donald Trump

My “Trump’s America” movie looks as if it will have a happy ending

I wake up happy every day in Trump’s America because I’m convinced that I’m watching a wonderful documentary in which America and Americans are thriving. One of the points Scott Adams makes repeatedly is that reality is an essentially fluid concept. In order to make sense of the world, we [Read More]

Progressives anti-Trump Leftists

Progressives hysterically protest article telling them to be less hysterical

Enjoy the lack of self-awareness found in the most popular Progressive comments to a Times op-ed warning against the dangers of Trump Derangement Syndrome. One of the joys in life during the Trump era is watching Progressives decompensate and self-destruct. All their rhetoric about inclusiveness, spiritual generosity, intellectual superiority has [Read More]



Vassar Bushmills (Just a friendly reminder. This is an enduring theme at, one of the pillars of why we opened that site. Veterans play a key role in saving America because they all have wagered so much more skin in the game than other Americans. Veterans as a group, for as far back [Read More]

Social Issues


Vassar Bushmills This is a serious question. I don’t want to spend 2000 words restating SitReps I’ve been making since for several years. So, for your benefit I’ve provided links to reports I’ve posted since 2013 at the end.. (There’s an element of redundancy there, but each covers a different piece of [Read More]

Progressives won't listen to facts
Guns & 2nd Amendment

[VIDEO] Why progressives are so resistant to hearing facts

If you want an exercise in frustration, try getting progressives to listen to facts. They won’t — and this video explains why they’re so afraid of them. One of my constant frustrations in dealing with the Progressives in my world is that they absolutely do not want to hear facts. [Read More]


Ted Cruz Absolutely SHUTS DOWN CNN Chris Cuomo (video)

 Published on Mar 13, 2018 by News For You Senator Ted Cruz left CNN’s Chris Cuomo looking absolutely stunned as he demanded to know if the host has bothered to ask a Democrat why they filibustered legislation that would prevent criminals from purchasing firearms. Cruz did not hold back, leaving [Read More]

Trump Supporters
media bias

[VIDEO] Disowned for being Trump supporters? You’re not alone.

Paul Joseph Watson reveals how the media’s vicious attacks against Trump supporters are destroying families and threatening lives. I blogged the other day about a Leftist friend who dumped me because Trump won and his candidate lost. Even though my views were the same during the years 2008 through 2016, [Read More]


Dems Divulge Plan to Roll Back Tax Cuts, Implement Tax Hike After Mid-Term Elections.

Democrats Announce Plan for Infrastructure: Rescind Tax Cuts, Pile on Tax Hikes ANOTHER REASON TO BLOCK DEMOCRATS FROM TAKING CONTROL OF BOTH HOUSES: You know those “crumbs” that Nancy Pelosi keeps talking about?  Well, a few days ago Progressives lead by greasy Chuck Schumer and red diaper baby Bernie Sanders released [Read More]


The Ingraham Angle Monologue: ‘Celebs rush in to fix democracy’ (video)

Even after their chosen one, Hillary Rodham Clinton, had her clock cleaned by now President Donald J. Trump in the 2016 presidential election, celebrities have learned nothing.  Published on Feb 20, 2018 by  Fox News Most celebrities find out that the talents that made them megastars in acting, sports [Read More]