John Cox

The choice for California governor: John Cox v. Gavin Newsom

In the battle for California governor, a surprisingly even-handed pro-Gavin Newsom flyer makes an incredibly strong case for voting for Republican John Cox. In an ideal world, on June 5, when California voters go to the polls, members of the various political parties would have a chance to select which [Read More]


The Bookworm Beat 3/15/17 — clearing the spindle, part deux, and open thread

I’ve cleared my spindle and the articles I linked are a feast for the hungry mind — the Middle East, climate change, policing, gender, Obamacare, and more. There’s land if the Palestinians want it. Did you know that President al-Sisi in Egypt has offered the Palestinians a state that would [Read More]


Yeah, about the wonders of renewables….

One of the hard Lefties whose Facebook page both steams me and gives me fodder for my blog, had this poster on her page: I decided it was missing a few things, and augmented it: And while I’m on the subject, that whole North Dakota pipeline protest is grand theater [Read More]