Pinocchio Lies Lying Liars

The Bookworm Beat 3/27/17 — the living in a world of lies edition and open thread

In a world in which Leftism and Islam have joined in battle for ascendancy, lies are the coin of the realm and truth is a rare and precious commodity. The posts to which I’ve linked today, for the most part, illustrate the lies that permeate modern Western culture. Law written in [Read More]

Norma McCorvey
Social Issues

New York Times obituary downplays that Norma McCorvey was pro-Life

If you haven’t yet heard, Norma McCorvey, the “Roe” in Roe v. Wade, died today. She came to fame as a rape victim who, claimed abortion proponents, should have been allowed an abortion. After the Supreme Court decision, McCorvey became an abortion rights activist. McCorvey also made her life story [Read More]

Progressive Woman
Donald Trump

Question: Why is a Progressive woman so afraid of Donald Trump?

I read an interesting exchange on Facebook involving a Progressive woman who is terrified of Trump. The conversation started with a challenge to way in which women living under sharia law are brutally abused. While acknowledging this abuse in faraway places, the woman insisted that those were cultural issues and [Read More]