Vassar Bushmills “Trade War” is a term the enemies of Donald Trump use to denigrate his proposals for restoring a balance to American trade policies. Only it’s not “trade war” but trade brinkmanship, which, as it was first used to define JFK’s strategy against the USSR in his years in the White House, were intended [Read More]

Travis Allen

Can Republican Travis Allen become California’s next governor?

Travis Allen, an intelligent, truly conservative happy warrior has what it takes to put a Republican in the California governor’s office. I attended a luncheon today at which Travis Allen spoke. He is running for California governor. I’ve been to many luncheons over the years at which Republican men and [Read More]

Weasel Watching

Common Cause

Vassar Bushmills Q: Has America had any enemy or antagonist since World War II which the Democratic Party has NOT made common cause with? To make “Common cause” generally means “to unite one’s interest with another’s” and since the 1970s the term has been associated with a liberal leaning political group [Read More]

Ronald Reagan Time for Choosing

Hanks, Streep, and Reagan: The actor as an intellectual

Today’s Left accords great intellectual respect to Democrat actors but I can remember a time when the Left openly called at least one actor (Reagan) stupid. Those of us alive during the Reagan era, whether when he was California governor or United States president, remember that a consistent insult that [Read More]


“It’s The Economy, Stup — . . . oh.” (By Wolf Howling)

The proggies are trying hard to hide the fact that Obama’s economy was pathetic and that Trumps’ economy is already setting records that win elections. Always nice to see Ron, isn’t it?  That clip is from 1980, when Ronald Reagan ran on a promise to cure President Carter’s “economic malaise.”  I [Read More]

Donald Trump

Donald Trump: Destroyer of the old globalist order

A friend told me something very significant: This election is not between leftist and conservative or Democrat and Republican. It is, instead, an election pitting the globalists against the populists (or patriots, if you prefer). On the one hand, the Hillary hand, you have people: who don’t care that jobs [Read More]


The Ethanol Scam Continues: I’m Shocked–Shocked!

By: Mike McDaniel.  A ritual I engage in weekly never fails to slightly raise my blood pressure: the warning on gas pumps informing me the gas I’m putting in my vehicle contains up to 10% Ethanol. Government mandates of any kind invoke my ire, as I noted in The Joys Of Ethanol  in [Read More]