Trump is the storm not a sexual predator Mueller declassifying documents

Frank Bruni’s anti-Mueller opinion piece is an insight into the Leftist mind

p style=”text-align: center;”>With the Mueller investigation discredited, Frank Bruni suddenly realizes that Trump used America’s winner-take-all system to enact conservative policies. Frank Bruni’s latest opinion piece at the New York Times — Robert Mueller, You’re Starting To Scare Me — is a fascinating window into the Progressives’ narcissistic mindset. Superficially, [Read More]

Indian Creek Bears Ears National Monument Utah - Source: Bureau of Land Management _Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
Donald Trump

Obama’s Last-Minute Land Grab, Bears Ears National Monument, was bad for Utah.

Senator Mike Lee of Utah supports President Donald Trump’s efforts to reverse Bears Ears National Monument, once a public land but designated a monument shortly before the new year by Barack Obama by executive order (what else?)  as designated by the 1906 Antiquities Act.  Obama’s land grabs were an abuse [Read More]