The two Hayeks: Madame Pinault (finally) speaks out on Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed Mexican actress Selma Hayek for a decade. She finally spoke out in a NYT article, Harvey Weinstein Is My Monster Too. I had already mentioned that I’m done with the sex scandals, since they are a distraction from the great moral question of our times, but I’ll make [Read More]

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The pathetic legacy of feminism’s Women’s Liberation Movement

The Women’s Liberation Movement failed true feminism by creating a generation of women who deem themselves unworthy of a defense against sexual bullies. We often talk about three waves of feminism, but I think there were actually three-and-a-half. The first two were necessary and appropriate; the next one-and-a-half were not. [Read More]


And the newest “marginalized” “victimized” and “triggered” group is…………..

Before I get into the newest “identity” I must share something. I have decided to identify as a rich, young bachelor who lives in a mansion and beds a different beautiful woman nightly, well except on Sundays, when I bed two hot women! Hey it is my identity, so everyone [Read More]