SOTU Americans are Dreamers Too Trump
Donald Trump

Bookworm Beat 1/31/2018 — the SOTU illustrated edition and open thread

After last night’s SOTU, Americans instantly proved their innovation, creativity, intelligence, and can-do spirit by putting out great memes. USA! USA! And here’s the usual other stuff that I find for every illustrated open thread: For this last one, scroll down with care. It’s very funny and accurate, but it’s [Read More]

Jordan Peterson

Bookworm Beat 1/29/18 — the Jordan Peterson illustrated edition

This post is mostly about Jordan Peterson, explaining his popularity and the great mass of memes in his name. I’ve added some funny posters, too. I’d been aware of Jordan Peterson for some time because the University of Toronto psychology professor took a stand against Canadian law forcing people to put [Read More]

President Trump's great speech post-SOTU
Donald Trump

President Trump’s great speech — by guest blogger John Novick

What’s the sign that President Trump’s great speech trolled the Progressives? The Left fell headlong into vulgarity and rudeness to show their disdain. (That vulgarity earns this post a NSFW warning.) First of all, it was a GREAT speech. Don’t believe me? This is from Trump-Haters CNN: 78% of those [Read More]