Must See Video: Tommy Robinson Takes Apart Daily Mail ‘Journalist’

Whatever else you might think of Tommy Robinson, he’s no coward. Here he literally takes apart a sleazy ‘journalist’ named James King, who is a photographer and/or reporter for the UK Daily Mail. King  tracked down Tommy Robinson and his family in Tenerife, where they were on holiday while Tommy [Read More]


(Video) What British Muslims Really Think

This video on what British Muslims think is especially interesting. First, because it involves a survey conducted by Trevor Phillips, the former chair of the British government’s Equality and Human Rights Commission, someone who was actually part of the bureaucracy involved in bringing so many Muslim migrants to Britain. Second, [Read More]


Katie Hopkins – Proof The British Lion Isn’t Dead Yet

British journalist and activist Katie Hopkins is a brave (and side splitting funny) voice for the Britain that we all admired before its politicians gave in to Islamism, ‘multiculturalism’ and dhimmi cowardice. Her message is simple…get furious and fight back. Here is an outstanding,must hear speech she recently gave at David [Read More]


Ghost Soldiers- Non-Existent Afghan Troops Who Cost Millions In US Aid

The always scintillating Sharyl Atkisson has a great story on her new site Full Measure on how the Afghans have discovered an old scam used by the Mafia and the Arabs whom call themselves Palestinians to steal money from gullible donors. It’s called no show jobs. Afghani government authorities collect [Read More]