Taxing: Policy and Tedium as a Result of Left Wing Beliefs and Attitudes

Welcome fellow weasel watchers. This week’s contest saw another first with a six way tie for second place on the Council side. That is a testament to just how strong each entry was.

Beating out all other council members was a very strong Glittering eye article in a follow up to a previous post about taxation via Keynesian economic theory and how that theory falls flat especially in today’s economic climate.

You may recall that yesterday I commented that there is no realistically foreseeable level of taxation that will pay for the programs we’ve already got. Today the Tax Foundation has a little support for my assertion:

During the fiscal year that’s just beginning, fiscal year 2010, the federal government plans to spend $3.8 trillion dollars, the largest annual expenditure ever. On the revenue side, taxes will bring in about $2.3 trillion, so the federal government is creating a shortfall of approximately
$1.5 trillion. That projected deficit will vary as the months pass, but it may well end up being even higher than the record-setting deficit in 2009 of $1.4 trillion. Those huge amounts translate into a federal government that will spend $33,000 on each household but that will raise only $19,000.

Although President Obama and the Congress do plan to raise taxes, which will cut into the deficit, they also have new spending plans, leaving the budget with historically huge deficits throughout the next decade. Those deficits will be financed by selling U.S. Treasury bonds to people all over the world and paying them back with interest in years to come. But instead of borrowing, could a congress willing to bring taxpayers the full bill for this year’s spending erase the deficit by raising taxes this year?

On the non-council side we have an excellent article that appeared in Black & Right that exposes many on the lunatic left for their own ignorance and racist attitudes and how the two have combined to attack anyone that dare defend Rush Limbaugh against the left wing lynch mob. (Note, there was a tie in the non-council side for first place and I broke that tie with a vote for Comment of the Day)

This just in on the column I wrote, “Rush Racism: The Media’s Been Punk’d”, which was republished by the fine folks at the Canada Free Press…

Of course, it is always good when an “Uncle Tom” Negro writes a defense to one of the most reprehensible men in recent times. The vile and borderline vulgar language that comes from Rush’s broadcasts is too much to discuss in any one posting — however, I challenge the writer of this to ACTUALLY LISTEN to him sometime. More recently, Rush attacked the President about a college thesis that the President NEVER WROTE!!!!! He reacted on false information — much like what this so-called writer has written about in his article.

I love it when those on the tolerant and inclusive left use the very racist language they always accuse others of thinking, and come right out with it verbally to blacks, especially when they display their own ignorance in the process.

Let’s break Alvin’s comment down.

Of course, it is always good when an “Uncle Tom” Negro writes a defense to one of the most reprehensible men in recent times.

For many who visit B&R on a regular basis, this will be review.

Obviously Alvin has never read the Harriet Stowe novel, nor have the many others who wrongly use “Uncle Tom” as a pejorative.

According to the Uncle Tom’s Cabin Study Guide, Uncle Tom was “An old slave and the protagonist of the novel, Tom’s two most prevalent qualities are his inherent goodness and piety. He is a passive Christ-figure who consistently forgives the wrongs committed against him and turns to God in times of crisis. From learning to read the Bible and write letters to his kin, Tom is consistently trying to improve himself despite the limits placed upon him by slavery. Tom also serves as a Christian leader for the other slaves in the novel.”

While I would never claim to be all that noble, I am one of many trying to wake up black people. As I’ve written many times, despite the fact that most blacks have voted the straight Democrat ticket for decades, the conditions in the black community have only deteriorated, and in one of the most ignorant displays of political knowledge possible, they blame Republicans.

Please read and pass along all winning entries as you eagerly look forward to next week’s contest which will be up on Wednesday.

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