Teen Vogue has gift suggestions for that friend who had the abortion

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Teen Vogue, a pernicious hard-Left magazine that enters homes uninvited, has created the ultimate gift guide: what to give your friend after her abortion.

I am not Teen Vogue’s target audience. Nevertheless, it ended up in my home because an online clothes site subscribed my daughter to the magazine. One glance told me that an ideological virus was invading my home, as you’ll see from the issue I reviewed here. Reading the magazine would infect the reader with the entire social justice agenda: a world in which gays, trans people, Muslims, women, minorities, and whatever other victim groups I’ve forgotten are perpetually on the receiving hand of harassment and disrespect from a privileged white male establishment. Thankfully, because I got to the mail first, my daughter never even knew Teen Vogue had come near our house.

Teen Vogue popped up on my screen again after the Super Bowl. It turns out I wasn’t the only one to realize that Lady Gaga, by immediately following a few lines of America, the Beautiful, with a stirring rendition of a few lines from Pete Seeger’s This Land is Your Land was scoring heavy-handed hard-Left political points. Seeger was a die-hard communist and, as even his apologists must admit, he wrote This Land is Your Land as a protest about the evil capitalism blighting the American landscape (the lyrics in the verses nobody sings are the giveaway).

Teen Vogue’s online site figured it out too, thanks to its online editor, Phillip Picardi. Incidentally, if you check out his Twitter feed, you’ll get a very good insight into the mindset of the people behind a magazine that naive parents might think is related to the fashion magazine of old:

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