Ten Reasons To Pull Press Credentials From CNN

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Why you should care about increasing secrecy in White House and Senate

Inch by inch by inch, the Trump administration is rolling back press access, which means less information for the public.

And by press access, CNN means CNN.

Fox News and the rest of the TV outlets get called upon at press briefings. The reason CNN does not is because CNN no longer bothers with even the facade of fairness.

Why does CNN deserve to be treated like dirt?

Let me count the ways.

1. The 27-cent foreclosure story on December 15. That was a lie.

2. Linking the Golden Showers story. That was a lie.

3. CNN interviews a “man on the street.” That was a lie. It was a cameraman.

4. Trump turning Supreme Court announcement into a reality show. That was a lie.

5. Spicer has Super Soakers. That was a lie.

6. Muslim ban. That was a lie. His two executive orders covering more than 8,000 words do not include the word “Muslim” or “ban.”

CNN tells lies big and small about things of import and about things of little consequence.

Its work is sloppy, snarky, and sorry — although the network never apologizes.

Why should any Republican give that network the time of day? Because CNN has press passes?

Pull them then.

As Nancy Sinatra tweeted in January, “That’s not true. I never said that. Why do you lie, CNN?”

Don Surber is a well known and widely read retired newspaperman and columnist of forty years experience living in Poca, West Virginia. In July, he published Trump the Press on Amazon, a look at how the experts got the Republican nomination wrong.His bestselling new book, Trump The Establishment is a stirring sequel covering the election.

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