The Black and White of Being “Scott Brown”

Illinois proved last night that moronic notions and lazy attitudes prevail. Anemic turnout for the Illinois primaries prove that the state of Barack Obama and Oprah is quite possibly one of the biggest voids of intellectually motivated people in the nation.

Worse, Illinoisans on the Republican side put Mark Kirk on the top of the ticket as the challenger to fill the Senate seat once held by Barack Obama. I wrote about this sellout phony in our July 27 edition of weekend weasel (Illinois Congressman Mark Kirk (R-RHINO, S-Sellout, P-Phony,…):

Mr. Kirk and 7 other tax and spend Republicans that voted on the bogus global warming boondoggle, forever known as the Waxman-Malarkey bill. Kirk joined another Illinois sellout in endorsing that legislation as he joined hands with Democrat Debbie Halverson who had at one time stated that Barack Obama could not pressure her into voting for cap-and-trade legislation, (video here), Halverson’s lie exposed here.  (please read all about Halverson at the video link provided.)

Elected weasels like Halverson and Mark Kirk couldn’t get away with this crap without the help of a complicit media. Kirk has used his past experience in the military to chum up to the normally responsible radio talk show hosts Don Wade and Roma at WLS. The wade’s son is a flying ace and up and comer in high places in Washington D.C. Every time Kirk shows up on the morning show the hosts give him a kissy lovefest and an agenda is furthered.

Kirk voted in favor of cap and trade, Kirk is soft on abortion, Kirk voted against parental notification, Kirk sat out on a crucial partial birth abortion vote, Kirk has it wrong on global warming and Mark Kirk demagogues on embryonic stem cell research. Yet now Mr. Kirk is mimicking Scott Brown in rhetoric and pretending to be the next Scott Brown candidate. Sorry weasel, you are no Scott Brown. This is just my personal opinion. What say you?

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