The Bookworm Beat 9/13/16 — the “I feel deplorably faint” edition and open thread

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I’m going to divide this post into “Hillary stuff” and everything else. Let’s go to town and have fun.

Hillary stuff:

Ah, Hillary’s “basket of deplorables.” It’s the gift that will keep giving and giving and giving. Scott Adams believes that the same people who feel guilty knocking her off their mental ballot just because she had the (ahem) “bad luck” to get pneumonia will grab onto the “deplorables” remark as the lifeline they need to vote against her. Since he’s been darn near psychic about everything else in this crazy election cycle, I’m inclined to believe he’s got a point.

Trust James Taranto to dig deep into what Hillary Clinton said. I love his observation about Hillary’s differing standards for Americans and illegal or potentially dangerous immigrants:

Apart from “half,” she stands behind every word she said on Friday, including these: “They are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America.”

As Mollie Hemingway suggests, “They are irredeemable” is a strange thing for a professed Christian to say about anybody. Theology aside, it is a shocking thing for someone who aspires to the powers of the presidency to say about fellow Americans, even if she rightly thinks they hold deplorable views.

But according to Mrs. Clinton, “thankfully they are not America.” They are voting in an American election, which means by definition they are Americans. People beat up on Trump a while back for proposing an “ideological test” for naturalization. Here is Mrs. Clinton putting forth an ideological test for people who are already American citizens.

Assuming she makes it to the debate two weeks hence, a good question to ask her would be about the policy implications of all this. What if anything, as president, would she do about the “deplorables”?

David P. Goldman, one of the smartest, most objective conservative commentators around thinks that Hillary’s “deplorables” remark was the headshot that kills her campaign. From his keyboard to G*d’s ear, that’s all I can say.

What’s certain is that the Trump campaign is making hay out of the comment while it can:

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