The Council has Spoken 040210


And when the radical priest
Come to get me released
We was all on the cover of Newsweek
Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard – Paul Simon

Lately we’ve been treated to much teeth gnashing on the Left and in the MSM about the growing incivility of political debate. What’s odd about this victimology is that no one is really certain if inflammatory or even extreme rhetoric causes violence. When Bill Sparkman died, the Washington Post speculated without a shred of evidence that maybe it was “…harsh anti-government rhetoric on talk shows, blogs and protests…” that led to his death.

Did I write that no one was sure? Well the Left and the MSM (is there a difference?) were sure.

It turned out that Sparkman had killed himself.

But the Left continues to insist that the harsh rhetoric of the Right is somehow endangering the fragile fabric of our democracy.

If the American Left is sincere in wishing to restore a civil tone to debate in this country, then they could stand a little introspection. There is one figure in politics today whose inflammatory rhetoric prolonged a riot and led to a massacre. This master of incitement is none other than Al Sharpton who organized violent riots against Jews in Crown Height and a protest that led to a massacre in Manhattan. As we’ve noted here previously, President Obama has appointed none other than Al Sharpton to be his liasion to the black community. So if the American Left wishes to restore civility to political discourse in this country, perhaps they ought to call out their leader for working with this radical preacher. If they can’t do that, they can’t be sincere.

This hypocrisy is well documented in this week’s winning post, The inanity of the rest of the West by the Colossus of Rhodey. The regular voting resulted in a tie between Colossus of Rhodey and Mere Rhetoric. Both posts covered similar ground and did expert jobs of cutting through the inanity and amnesia that afflicts the politically correct, but after long thought, I cast the deciding vote for Colossus of Rhodey. Indeed this hypocrisy was addressed by a plurality of both council and non-council posts this week.

The winning non-council post was  In the Doldrums  at The Doctor Is In, musings of why a doctor would want to remain in his profession given the ever increasing burdens he must bear submitted by American Digest.

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*Tie broken by the Watcher.

One council member did not vote this week resulting in the 2/3 vote penalty.