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He freed a lot of people,
But it seems the good they die young.

Abraham, Martin and John – Dion

This week’s winning council entry, The Roots Of Slavery & The Races Hustlers’ Holy Grail – Reparations by Wolf Howling, which takes issue with those who, like Henry Louis Gates, seek reparations from for African Americans from the United States. Aside from the difficulty of assigning blame for slavery nearly 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, Wolf Howling points out that slavery wasn’t uni-directional:

The bottom line, if slavery is, as Gates posits, an original sin that passes not only through the generations, but also among entire races, then it hangs around the necks of most people in the world today – including President Obama and Prof. Gates. Obviously that can’t be right. That doesn’t fit the Gate’s narrative at all.

This non-council winner was  The Washington Monument by the Belmont Club (at Pajamas Media). The essay is a reflection on why politicians can’t “grok” the Tea Parties:

Yet politicians can’t see it. For perfectly natural reasons they fall into the habit of thinking everyone is a supplicant. It’s an understandable outcome of living in a world where someone is constantly asking them for something: photo opportunities, access to news releases, seats on Air Force One or Internet access. Nothing throws them for a loop more than something that doesn’t want anything they can bestow. The Tea Partiers already know the establishment is bankrupt. They don’t want to be the next Botox Queen, the next guest on Oprah or the man with Internet access on Air Force One; they only want their freedom and a chance to meet the crisis with common sense, if that’s not asking too much. It’s a novel idea which will take a little time for politicians to understand. But give them time and eventually someone will take credit for it. Tolkien understood both how power worked and its blindness.

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