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I wanna change my clothes, my hair, my face
Dancing in the Dark – Bruce Springsteen

Who’s that young lady whom Bruce pulls onto the stage to dance with him? She’s a cougar now!

What would happen if your not allowed to change your clothes and that restriction is due to someone else’s sensibilities? That’s what Bookworm Room addresses in her winning council post this week Everybody draw Mohamed Day — or, you’re not the boss of me.

 Their rage over these images isn’t about the images themselves.  It is, instead, about incrementally drawing all of us into the Muslim faith.  The reality is that, once you’ve stopped creating images offensive to Muslims, and stopped making movies offensive to Muslims, and stopped writing books offensive to Muslims, and stopped saying things offensive to Muslims, and stopped your stores from selling the pork and alcohol offensive to Muslims, and attired your women in burqas to protect them from rampaging Muslims, well — you’re pretty much a practicing Muslim.  You’ve been converted, and you didn’t even realize it was happening.

In this week’s non-council winner, Ann Althouse calls attention to journalism that leaves readers in the dark, If you’re going to criticize the new social studies curriculum adopted by the Texas Board of Education, you’d better quote it.:

I have not been defending the Texas standards, only attacking the quality of the journalism that fails to quote or link to a text that is referred to. Birnbaum’s Friday article contains some useful quotes (though still not a link to the whole text). The Saturday article was unanchored to text and forced me to look for what I could find on line. I’m also criticizing inaccurate paraphrasing, like the use of the words “vindicating” and “equivalency.” Birnbaum’s take on the standards might be true, but in an article that refers to a text, I do need to see the text. Paraphrasing, without the text, raises suspicions, and I don’t apologize for having those suspicions.

With no further ado, on to this week’s results.

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